Train’s Leavin’

The Jacksonville Jaguars held a press conference today to announce that they will be playing 4 games in London over the course of the next 4 seasons. You would think that would be enough to talk about. Instead, Twitter is “buzzing” over the quotes from Jaguars owner (Shad Kahn) about the holdout of “star” running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Kahn has offered some advice to Jones-Drew (via the Florida Times-Union‘s Gene Frenette):  ”Train is leaving the station. Run, get on it.”

Here’s my advice:

Don’t run! Sprint!

Instead of heeding the team owner’s advice (or mine) his agent told the Associated Press that MJD wasn’t exactly “pumped” about the remarks.

And as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports, Jones-Drew is open to a trade.

What do you think the prospective market is for a 27 year old running back entering his 7th season? One who has 1,484 carries over his career, and has demanded a new contract while still having two years remaining on a 5 year (front-loaded) deal.

I don’t know if Drew has realized this yet but the NFL is a PASSING league. No one in their right mind is going to say “Hey let me part with a mid round draft pick (because Jacksonville isn’t going to take less) and deal with this headache”. Not when you can get similar play from a younger player that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

I just don’t understand players nowadays. What financial gain do you have by sitting out of training camp? Or by making contract demands when you just got a contract less than 3 years ago. The contract was front loaded for a reason, you get the money you’ve earned and when you begin to decline owners aren’t footin’ the bill of 27 year old (or 37 year old in running back years) tail back. Especially when season after season pro bowl running backs are becoming less and less needed pieces to build a championship team.

My philosophy as an owner would be this: Pay the players who WANT to be a part of MY organization. If you perform well, come to camp on-time, and play your heart out. I will have no choice but to pay you what you deserve. The moment you show me you are above the team, it’d be over.

There is a reason for multi-year contracts. It’s simple. Ownership and management sit on one side of the table. The prospective player and his agent on the other. They come to a MUTUAL agreement on how long the player will be a part of the organization and how much he will be paid over the ENTIRE length of the contract. Both parties sign. Done, deal.

When it comes to pro bowl caliber players, contract negotiation doesn’t happen in a day, or even week. Therefore, neither side want to do this every year so instead they agree upon a rate over x amount of years. When the contract is up they re-visit the table and hash out a new deal, or they don’t.

Here’s my thoughts on player hold outs. If you just signed a contract and are demanding a new deal from ownership. Kiss my ass! Stop whining and complaining and hurting your team. Get your ass in camp and play football. There is a time for business and a time for work. The time for business has come and gone now it’s time to work.

Hey Maurice,

Get to work.



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Kansas City Chiefs Preview

Summary: Chiefs need to bounce back from a train wreck season a year ago. The team was riddled with injuries at nearly every important position. Star back Jamaal Charles and Safety Eric Berry were both lost very early into the season. Matt Cassel hurt his hand mid season and the Todd Haley coached Chiefs were starting games against top defenses like the Steelers with QB’s with names like Palko, and Orton. Through all their injuries though they were still in the thick of the division race. With all these players back from injury, and Todd Haley no longer growing his beard out on our sidelines. The key additions of Peyton Hillis, Eric Winston, Kevin Boss, and Stanford Routt, the Chiefs looked poised to run away with the division. As long as they continue to improve with RAC as head coach and Daboll game planing on offense, this team is built to go the distance.

Bold Prediction: Division winning season with a record of 11-5.

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So this is what it feels like when it’s YOUR Superstar who

So this is the feeling a fan has when it’s THEIR Superstar who is suspended from play? Damn I feel for all the Bengals fans out there then, because this sucks! I am in the process of gathering the facts but as per it looks to only be a one game suspension for the pro bowl pass rusher. The NFL has issued a one game suspension along with an additional game check for violating the NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy.

“I apologize to my teammates, the Hunt family, the Kansas City Chiefs organization and most importantly, our fans,” Hali said in a statement provided by the team. “I accept the discipline from the league and will return Week 2 of the NFL season with a commitment to erase this mistake with my play on the field and my conduct off of it.” -Tamba Hali

He is still allowed to participate in all of the offseason programs including the remaining two preseason games. “We’re disappointed. We’re disappointed for him; we’re disappointed for the team, disappointed for the organization and the fans, but it is what it is,” Crennel said. “Tamba is a guy who is very prideful. He’s been a very good team member for this team, and I think the team will rally around him and support him the best they can during this time.”

What bugs me is that it was not disclosed as to what it is that he took to get him suspended. I hate that there is such a fog over all of these types of suspensions. He has been such a role model for kids and the community. I hope this was an honest mistake and he bounces back from this and uses it as motivation. EDIT:  Apparently the NFL, the Chiefs, and Hali have been very good about keeping this hush, hush. This is not a normal suspension for a player who violates the Substance Abuse Policy. Rumor is that he was involved with the law awhile back and it was kept from the media. (Classic GM Scott Pioli style). It is speculated that it involved Marijuana. I am sure more details will surface and when they do be sure to check back here for my thoughts.

I agree with Romeo, the team will use this to rally around their soft-spoken leader. As for Hali, my hope and prediction is that he will come out fired up and ready to wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks. It will just have to wait a week.

Hey Fitzpatrick! Look out! Hali will be on a vengeance week 2. You will fear TAMBA!!

As always do not be afraid to leave a comment or give some feedback. This is a brand new site and we could use the inspiration from everyone.

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Kansas City Chiefs most important players for the 2012 season.

First off I am and have been a Chiefs fan my entire life. My entire life is centered around sports in general and the Kansas City Chiefs are a main reason my passion for competition is so high. I grew up screaming and cheering and cussing at our living room TV, knowing good and well I was not being heard. My family was a little different then the average sport craving household. My father’s passion was actually auto racing (another of my favorite sports). My Dad raced dirt track every Saturday night and it was always THE family event. I loved it almost as much as I did football. My mother on the other hand was actually the one in the family who was an avid Chiefs fan. She was also a football fan, she just loved the Chiefs. As a family (Mom, My brother, and Myself) we made our weekly picks of all the NFL games and even picked the score for the Monday night game as a tie-breaker. Anyways we began this tradition years and years ago and we still do it today (even though I have been in the military and moved all over the United States) I, along with my brother fill out our picks through email messages and send them back to our mother. Its our own family tradition and I love it. Family bragging rights are always on the line at the end of the year. As this site moves forward I will dive deeper into my passion for sports and why competition and motivation mean so much to me.

So onto what will be my first (real) post, I will give you my most important players for the Kansas City Chiefs and why. These may not be come as a surprise as a fellow Chiefs fan and writer has also given his most important players for the Chiefs on his website. You can view his 10 Most Important Chiefs of 2012 at . Just trying to give credit where credit is due.


Some players will remain the same, others I feel are more important. I think this just goes to show a lot goes into building a championship team and as last season is proof, much more can go wrong rather than right.

10. Brandon Flowers, CB :  It has never been more important to be able to defend the pass as it is now. So much is talked about how much the game has become a passing league. With a Hall of Fame quarter back now in the Chiefs division along with Phillip Rivers. Defending the pass will now be the emphasis in the AFC West. Flowers’ success will directly correlate to the success of free agent accusation Stanford Routt.  Flowers must be a shut down corner so that Routt can use safety and linebacker help.

9. Jon Baldwin, WR : Dwayne Bowe recently signed his franchise tender and will be with the Chiefs for at least one more season. That’s great news and all, but more than likely this is only a short-term situation. That being said this is a HUGE year for Baldwin to make a big time impact and put pressure on opposing defenses to not only cover D. Bowe but then have a second DB cover the athletic prowess of the Jon Baldwin. I hope this is the year that it all comes together for the receiving corps and if that is what happens Baldwin will be a huge key.

8. Tony Moeaki, TE : This guy will be spectacular and his use will be to stretch the field and be a red zone nightmare. Of course this is all on the assumption that he returns to his pre-injury self and builds on his rookie campaign. I have faith in him and I’m anxious to see him in Daboll’s offense. If the first two preseason games are any indication of how the tight ends are going to be used, we are in for an exciting year for Moeaki and company.

7.  Eric Berry, SS : With Kendrick Lewis out with ANOTHER SHOULDER injury, it is essential that Berry remains healthy and builds on what was a spectacular rookie season. Safety depth was and still is a big question mark on this team.  If the Chiefs are to be a top 10 or top 5 defense it almost goes without saying Berry will need to stay on the field and continue his success.

6. The NT position : I know the first round pick is supposed to make an immediate impact on your football team the following year (especially when you pick in the top 15). But I know this season will not be Dontari Poe’s year to change our football team. That does not mean that the position needs to be overlooked as to importance on success this season. The position will be occupied by committee and to be honest the committee does not need to be incredible. All we need is run stopping and up the middle pressure on the QB. It is essential in allowing Tamba Hali and Justin Houston to get free and account for sacks and pressures.

5. Jamaal Charles, RB : If he comes back healthy (which he looks to be) look out scoreboard operator! If Charles is lighting it up like he has so many times before it opens the entire offense up. If the defense commits too many in the box, you go play action over the top to Moeaki, Bowe, Baldwin, Breaston, Boss…. the list could go on forever. Not to mention JC will be much more fresh at the end of the game and season as his counter part Peyton Hillis will be sharing the load. The more I type the more excited I get about this offense’s potential.

4. Tamba Hali, OLB : Short and sweet, he is the number one reason this defense is even in the discussion of top defenses. If he doesn’t produce, neither will the group as a whole.

3. Brian Daboll, OC : He is the driver behind this sports car. It will be in his hands this season to gameplan and scheme against defenses to maximize the Chiefs potential. I really like this guy for the Chiefs and for Matt Cassel. He is one of the most important pieces of the championship puzzle ( and he won’t even be throwing or catching the ball).

2. Matt Cassel, QB : As I stated in the beginning of the rankings, this is a passing league and if Matt Cassel doesn’t get back to his 2010-self. This whole article will have been a waste and we will back to the drawing board. Talent is all around him and it is his season to prove all the critics wrong and show what a genius everyone else is for believing in him. Seriously Matt, show us what ya got!

1. To be determined, ANY : (No that is not a typo) I think someone on this roster is going to emerge as the next superstar. It could be someone already listed above or not at all but I think there is a hidden gem that will shed light this year (or at least I hope). I have never been so anxious for a season to start and a preseason to end. Here’s to hoping and cheering for success for the 2012 Chiefs season.


If you have comments or your own rankings feel free to let your voice be heard. Or read.

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Who is your rookie sensation in 2012?

Here is our first poll and I think it is a great one. With fantasy football already well underway, who’s your pick to be this years Cam Newton?

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